Dear eCommerce Marketer,


You’re busy as hell. We get that, because we are too. We’re three eCommerce Marketers who run 7-8 Figure stores on Shopify. We started Messenger Mastermind because we wanted to start sharing our Marketing stories and our hard-fought wins with other Marketers. We’ve made millions of dollars for our stores (and our clients’ stores) using a variety of proven tactics, and we believe that if you implement them for your business you’ll see similar results. 


This isn’t one of these hundreds of get-rich-quick schemes where we’re going to claim that you can exploit or hack the system. We just want to pass along some tips, tricks, strategies, and wisdom that we’ve picked up through our own experimenting over the past couple of years. We want other eCommerce Marketers to properly learn about the new Marketing channels that we’re seeing success in now. This isn’t just pure altruismwe don’t want these great nascent channels ruined by spammers and get-rich-quick schemers (yeah, we are calling out the Email spammers out there).


As we’ve beaten our heads against the wall and done our research, we’ve found that there are some foundational shifts happening in the Digital Marketing landscape. 


The Changing Landscape


First, we started to notice Facebook and Google advertising getting more expensive. Actually, very expensiveto the point where the profitable returns have been drying up. With rising CPAs and bigger brands spending more on the platforms, these costs will only continue to rise. As we started to hit the upper limits of what our companies can spend on these platforms, we were forced to look elsewhere.


The next stop on our journey was Email. In fact, the Messenger Mastermind team actually met at an Email intensive in Austin, Texas a couple of years ago. Although there are areas where companies can still grow and benefit from Email by deploying automated lifecycle flows (Lead Gen, Browse Abandonment, Abandoned Cart, etc.) and diving into deeper segmentation, the bigger problem is that Email overall isn’t growing as a channel anymore. Other companies have realized it, too. We’ve entered the phase in the channel’s lifecycle where customers are consistently interacting with emails, but overall usage isn’t growing.



Image courtesy of Super Office. Email Open Rates have remained flat since 2015.


Because we were facing the upper spending limits on Facebook and Google, plus Email’s imminent ceiling, we decided there must be other channels(s) to tap into that would have plenty of headroom for us to grow in, just like we did on Facebook and Instagram back in the day. 


Where we Looked Next:


From our research, we realized that the mobile purchasing trend in China, through WeChat, is the way of the future. Not only can customers message each other directly, they can also basically do everything from calling a car, to booking hotels, to buying everything they need all through the app. We believe that Facebook saw this opportunity with their 1.3bn active users on Messenger/WhatsApp and was thinking to itself, “Why can’t we do this?” 


Sure enough, it started happening: Facebook started opening up its APIs, Apple started doing the same, and app developers started building apps that would allow us to send messages through Messenger, Push Notifications and Text Messages. This was the moment where we knew that these were going to be the next big Marketing channels for eCommerce. 


Now that the infrastructure was in place, we were able to start building new Marketing programs: we used tools that integrated with our Shopify stores to send messages that drove sales back through those channels.


Every new Marketing era has to have some kind of sexy name that accompanies it, and so, “Conversational Marketing” was born.  


Currently, it is cheap to build big lists in these channels, and more importantly, you own the customers’ contact information, so you can send them messages directly when you need to. There aren’t any algorithms that limit the number of messages your list receives. With the 80-90% Open Rates and 30-40% Click Through Rate we are currently seeing in these channels, there is an incredible upside to investing in these channels today. You can send direct messages to everybody on your lists, and they are highly likely to open those messages.


The Opportunity Ahead:


After three years of experimenting with these new and exciting channels and their supporting tools, we have learned from our mistakes, and we want to share what we’ve found that works for eCommerce companies. Not only have we seen these wins for the companies we manage, but we have also been able to repeat these wins for our clients’ businesses as well.


We feel strongly that there is an enormous opportunity to change the way that eCommerce companies acquire and retain customers. The new opportunities that these channels afford are already allowing us to create relationships with customers that we haven’t been able to before, and we have just started scratching the surface of what we can do.


So, if you are getting frustrated with the returns you are currently seeing from your Marketing efforts, and are looking for new opportunities where you can go back to reaching a large number of customers cheaply, then you are in the right place. We are going to be creating many different avenues to connect with you, and in them, we’ll share the lessons we have learned from our own experimentation with building long-term valuable relationships with our customers.

Some places that you can get started:

  1. Play around with our Getting Started Bot to understand the front-end experience of how a Messenger Bot works.
  2. Join Our Facebook Group to connect with us and other eCommerce Marketers looking to step up their Conversational Marketing game.
  3. Listen to the podcast where we share wins, insights, and news.


If you are interested in our team building out programs directly for your team, please contact us. We will figure out how to best help you build a Conversational Marketing program worthy of your business.


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The Messenger Mastermind Team