Ep 73: The Best Lead Magnets to Build Your Business


Episode Description:

In “The Best Lead Magnets to Build Your Business”, the Messenger Mastermind team discusses how to use lead magnets to increase your opt in capture. The team talks about why it’s important to spend time finding the best lead capture, different methods for lead magnets, and how the magnets can snowball into big impacts for your company. We also dive into all the “Top Dog” businesses that are doing lead captures well and how.

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Episode Highlights:

1:19 What is a Lead Magnet vs. Lead Capture

3:39 The differences between the companies that get the ones that don’t

5:06 Small percentages with a big impact

7:23 How to effectively build your audience with lead magnets

8:21 The “Top Dogs” methods for lead capture 

19:59 Using lead magnets to re-engage your current list

Websites Referenced:

Colour Pop 

Smart Marketer


Boom by Cindy Joseph

Sand Cloud

Wee Farers