Ep 72: What DTC brands need to know about Retail with Matt Cereno from Greenline


Episode Summary:

In “What DTC brands need to know about Retail”, we talk with Matt Cereno from Greenline to discuss how DTC companies can make the transition to retail to drive their brand exposure. Matt talks to us about how he started out, how to know the best channels to sell your products, and how COVID-19 has impacted the retail industry.

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Episode Highlights:

2:02 – Matt’s Backstory

5:11 – The greatest lesson from 19 years in Retail 

6:10 – Adapting to the constantly changing market

7:38 – Is retail right for your Direct To Consumer business?

12:48 – Knowing your customer defines your channel strategy

15:13 – Common gotchas newcomers face

17:04 – How to handle Retail returns

18:57 – How to get your operations in order

21:57 – The importance of show stopping packaging 

27:11 – How do you get paid in Retail

33:49 – The Foundation of Retail Success

38:34 – The obstacles of making the retail transition in a COVID world

44:55 – How to stay competitive during these times

46:46 – What’s the one category all retailers are looking for right now.