EP 71: Money on the Table. Optimizing your Carts for more profits.

Episode Summary:

In “ Money on the Table. Optimizing your Carts for more profits.”, we discuss the different tools companies use to increase Average Order Revenue through the cart. We talk about the impact of trust badges, the different methods of carts, which companies are doing it well, and why carts are so important to increasing your revenue.

Episode Highlights:

1:59 What is a sliding cart?

4:10 How Old School carts can be an AOV Killer

4:48 Why customers are the most valuable when they hit your cart 

7:31 Essential functionality to increase cart revenue

8:16 Empty space harming your AOV? 

9:50 How effective a free shipping threshold can be

12:51 The value of a “Free Gift”

16:41 What customers want to see in their cart

18:31 Add personality to your cart

21:51 Other great tools to add to your cart

Websites Mentioned:

Chubbies Shorts

Primal Kitchen

Tecovas Boots 

Kettle and Fire