Episode 70: Scaling Youtube Videos to 7-Figures with Lewis Fausett

Episode Summary:

In “Scaling Youtube Videos to 7-Figures” Jeremy talks with Lewis Fausett of Fausett Management about how a content driven Youtube channel led to success for Patrick Adair Designs. In this episode Fausett and Jeremy discuss building a business of physical goods through Youtube, the importance of e-mail capture, and where most Youtube brands fail in selling their product.

To learn more about Lewis Fausett and Patrick Adair Designs, visit PatrickAdairdesigns.com or Fausett Digital

Episode Highlights:

2:28 How did Lewis break into the world of e-commerce?

5:29 How did Lewis build a business of selling physical goods through Youtube and Instagram content?

10:13 How to maintain the quality of the content to sell products without making the content strictly a sales tool?

12:45 The steps do you take to maintain a “content first” mindset

14:06 Running the content “business within a business”

15:07 How to prioritize content and products when things don’t always overlap?

16:57 Balancing sales focused content with “content bangers”

18:33 Measuring success on Youtube 

22:01 How tools like Hyros can help track content performance

28:55 Email Capture: Publishing vs Products

30:58 Why do most Youtube brands fail to sell their product?

33:21 What are the essential things an e-commerce company needs to do if they wish to make a Youtube page for their product?


Resources Mentioned:

Patrick Adair Designs [site] 

Patrick Adair Designs [Youtube] 

Fausett Digital Newsletter

Hyros Analytical Tool