EP 69: How To Collect and Leverage UGC with Chris Meade of Crossnet

Episode Summary:

In “How To Collect and Leverage UGC,” we sit down with Chris Meade of Crossnet to discuss how he uses social media to collect and leverage User Generated Content (UGC) to drive sales of his revolutionary game, Crossnet. Chris talks to us about how he started out, how he dipped into retail and wholesale, and even how Crossnet has made its way into Gym Classes across America. 
To learn more about Crossnet, visit: https://www.crossnetgame.com/
To learn more about the Messenger Mastermind team, visit: https://www.MessengerMastermind.co/

Episode Highlights:

1:00 How did Chris get into e-commerce?
3:14 What are a couple of reasons for Crossnet’s extremely rapid growth?
6:57 How does the Crossnet team think about how to collect all of the UGC (User Generated Content)?
9:49 What is Crossnet doing with all of the UGC that they collect every month?
11:33 Is Crossnet using any of the UGC for paid advertisements?
12:55 What tool(s) is Crossnet using for email, and what are some big wins they have been seeing recently?
14:12 The advice that Chris would give his younger self
16:14 What is the next big section in email that Chris wants to dig into?
22:52 What is Chris’s vision for how the Crossnet community will grow over time?
24:13 How did Crossnet get into schools?
28:07 What was the greatest learning going from Direct to Consumer to the email program for retail partners?
30:31 What were a couple of the biggest roadblocks that Chris would want to be able to do-over? What advice does he have for navigating them?
33:10 What is a resource that Chris would recommend to everybody?
35:00 Is there a question that Chris wanted to be asked?

Resources Mentioned:

1. Email and SMS Marketing Platform – Klaviyo