EP 68: Survival of the Fastest with Brian Long of Attentive

Episode Summary:

In “Survival of the Fastest,” Jeremy speaks with Brian Long, CEO and founder of Attentive SMS. Brian tells us about how to use SMS to navigate this COVID crisis, how to stay compliant, and how sites are moving away from mobile apps in favor of improved mobile websites.

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Episode Highlights:

1:33 How did Brian get into e-commerce?
3:10 What has been a really significant change that Brian has seen between 2012 and now?
7:51 How did Brian first see SMS emerging as a trend, and how has he seen it develop over the last four years?
9:42 Why is now a good time to get started with SMS, and how should people think about using the channel?
11:42 What are some tips, tactics, and strategies that have been really effective for list building?
14:55 How should someone gauge starting to build their list? How fast will it grow?
19:24 How high a priority is SMS for the brands who properly invest in it?
20:38 About compliance: how do you need to collect phone numbers (legally, and morally)?
26:06 What are some similarities and differences in how you address and run Email vs SMS?
29:20 What brands are doing a particularly good job with SMS or Attentive?
32:59 What is one piece of content that Brian would recommend that everyone checks out right now?

Resources Mentioned:

1. Personalized mobile messaging – Attentive