EP 67: Why You Need Owned Channels Now More Than Ever with Dave Gerhardt of Privy

Episode Summary:

In “Why You Need Owned Channels Now More Than Ever,” Jeremy speaks with Dave Gerhardt of Privy and was lucky enough to be a guest on the Ecommerce Marketing Show. They talk owned channels, what SMS tactics you should be taking today, and how you can set up your business for success in any climate. This is a re-share of the Ecommerce Marketing Show presented by Privy.
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Episode Highlights:

1. 2:33 Why it’s more important than ever to have owned channels in your business
2. 5:43 Where did Jeremy’s e-commerce story begin and what is his background?
3. 7:34 Did Jeremy have a background in e-commerce? How did he get into it?
4. 9:36 What is in the “Marketing Toolkit” that Jeremy would take a new customer through?
5. 11:50 Is Kylie Jenner the best co-marketer right now?
6. 18:22 What are Jeremy’s tactical marketing plays that are always in his playbook?
7. 22:46 How heavily should you be marketing and promoting right now?
8. 24:41 How does SMS fit into the overall launch playbook?
9. 31:10 How can lists be built without offering discounts?
10. 36:24 What is Jeremy excited for in marketing and e-commerce for the future?