EP 66: The End of Stores? The E-commerce Tsunami Is Coming with Jake Cohen of Klaviyo

Episode Summary:

In “The End of Stores? The E-commerce Tsunami Is Coming,” Jeremy speaks with Jake Cohen, Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo about the 2020 e-commerce forecast (and beyond). Cohen tells us about the data that Klaviyo has collected that can help us predict what will happen next in the marketplace, where customers are spending, what they are spending on, and what we can expect for 2021 and beyond. This is an interview you will not want to miss.
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Episode Highlights:

1. 1:47 How did Jake get into e-commerce?
2. 5:01 How has Klaviyo responded to the COVID crisis?
3. 6:40 How would Jake break down the “phases” of the e-commerce world changes during development?
4. 14:18 What should people be looking at in the next couple of weeks?
5. 18:43 What we learn from observing China’s reopening?
6. 23:23 What is the new normal going to be?
7. 27:55 A new hierarchy of needs? What does that mean?
8. 31:50 Masks, and why they’re going to be a thing
9. 34:51 High unemployment rates, and the many potential impacts
10. 43:22 What are some key tactics brand can deploy to boost sales?
11. 52:19 What is one piece of content that everyone should consume?
12. 52:58 What’s one thing that most e-commerce companies are not using that they should be using?

Resources Mentioned:

1. Email Platform – Klaviyo