EP 65: Converting More Existing Site Traffic with Rob Hammett of Justuno

Episode Summary:

In “Converting More Existing Site Traffic,” Jeremy sits down with Rob Hammett, Director of Solutions for Justuno. They discuss how the big brands are boosting conversion rate optimization during the COVID crisis and converting more site traffic from viewers into purchasers. Packed with case studies, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.
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Episode Highlights:

1:57 How did Rob get into e-commerce?
3:22 Conversion Rate Optimization 101
4:43 What are some of the larger changes across e-commerce due to COVID-19?
7:33 Are there any noticeable patterns/trends lately among e-commerce companies and what they’re doing in terms of CRO?
9:55 What are some of the most creative solutions and strategies companies have been using in the wake of the crisis?
20:03 Are the Shopify Plus/larger e-commerce companies doing anything different than smaller ones?
24:06 What are some underdeployed popup strategies that more e-commerce companies should be doing?
28:09 A walk-through of the AI product feed on Justuno and two successful use cases
33:04 What should people AVOID if they are trying to boost their onsite conversion rate?
37:24 What is one piece of content that Rob would recommend?

Resources Mentioned:

AI visitor conversion platform – JustUno