EP 64: Instant Exposure on YouTube with Brett Curry of OMG Commerce

Episode Summary:

In “Instant Exposure on YouTube,” we sit down with Brett Curry, Founder and CEO of OMG Commerce, about YouTube ads strategies that get his clients noticed on the platform. We discuss the best placements, best types of creatives, and most common strategies on the platform. Brett also gives us some of his favorite audiences and creatives that drive revenue for his clients on YouTube.
Get the YouTube Creatives Brett mentions here.

Episode Highlights:

1:57 How did Brett get started in ecommerce?
4:30 Pro-Advice: Transitioning from Facebook video ads to building YouTube ads strategies
7:27 What should someone who is just starting out on YouTube focus on in terms of metrics?
12:15 What are the best placements for YouTube ads, and how do you use them differently with different types of creatives?
16:05 Should someone have Google keywords and shopping built out before they move to advertise on YouTube?
19:03 The tools and tactics you NEED to be using when you’re just starting out
21:57 Are there successful strategies to increase YouTube subscribers for businesses?
24:32 What data points do you really need to know to get a deeper understanding about ad performance on YouTube?
28:50 Weird, but true: Why your view rate can be TOO HIGH!
30:24 What are some of the most creative Pre-Roll Ads that Brett has seen?
35:10 What types of businesses have products that naturally work well for YouTube advertising?
38:15 Once the basics are in place: the THREE things you need to have a successful YouTube campaign
43:04 What is a common mistake the companies jumping into YouTube make?

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Scaling ecommerce on YouTube – OMG sCommerce
  2. Ecommerce Evolution Podcast