EP 63: Increasing Conversion Rate Through Exceptional Customer Service with Lucas Walker of Gorgias

Episode Summary:

In “Increasing Conversion Rate Through Exceptional Customer Service,” we interview Lucas Walker, Head of Partnerships at Gorgias. Lucas lays out how excellent customer service can lead to increased conversions, increased return customers, and additional revenue for your operation. We even dive into a little BBQ talk at the end. 
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Episode Highlights:

2:18 Who is Lucas Walker, and what is Gorgias?
5:10 What are TWO pieces of advice that Lucas wishes he had been give when he started his e-commerce company?
9:13 Given the COVID crisis, what has Lucas seen that has been very successful among merchants?
14:30 What have been the BEST personalized messages Lucas has seen from companies?
17:08 The most significant and cutting-edge shifts in Customer Support
19:55 Pro advice for people new to Customer Support work
21:55 The tactic that has been MOST underutilized by companies recently (not using it could LOWER conversion rates!)
25:58 The BIGGEST mistake companies keep making in Customer Service
28:56 How can you turn Customer Service moments into revenue-generating opportunities?
31:50 A sneak peek into a special Coronavirus offer coming from Gorgias
33:05 ONE piece of content that Lucas recommends that everyone should check out

Resources Mentioned:

1. Helpdesk designed for e-commerce stores – Gorgias