EP 62: Keys To Writing Killer Copy With Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy

Episode Summary:

In “Keys To Writing Killer Copy,” the Messenger Mastermind team interviews Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy, about his copywriting skills and his unbelievable content. We cover the “First Line Second Line” strategy, how to repurpose content, and how his mind works while he is writing copy.

Episode Highlights:

2:26 What is Dave’s background, and how did he get into e-commerce?
6:48 How does Dave think about copywriting, and what is its real importance?
12:39 What makes a really good copywriter?
15:25 How to seriously grow out a Twitter following
18:53 Are there actual compliance/limitation issues while promoting content?
20:48 Expert advice: Dave’s playbook for repurposing content and why “video is the holy grail”
25:14 The actual way to learn, create and promote great content
27:11 Learning from mistakes, and why it’s okay that everything won’t work
28:40 Wisdom: “The best marketers are able to learn faster than the competition.”
30:30 Whether you make good content or bad content, there always has to be a CTA
32:21 How is Dave thinking about SMS?
34:40 How do you get better at pruning and condensing?
37:05 The BIGGEST mistakes that people make in copywriting
41:22 The best sales-driven email Dave ever sent
43:44 What is the BEST piece of content on marketing that Dave would recommend?

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Email capture popups and Marketing software – Privy