EP 59: Effectively Leading Your Company Through The COVID Crisis

Episode Summary:

In “Effectively Leading Your Company Through The COVID Crisis,” we discuss leadership in a crisis, supply chain, staffing, and financing portions of your business. We talk about where should you be focusing, where should you be saving, and where you should be looking for opportunities during this crisis. 

Episode Highlights:

1:45 How should you be thinking about inventory? How should you communicate with your supplier(s)?
5:35 Why you shouldn’t discount/slash prices in times of crisis
7:25 What you should be tracking about your inventory
8:58 All about Supply Chain: what you need to know, should be doing, and need to keep on top of
12:53 On Shipping: UPS, USPS, networks, and reliance on delivery services
14:59 How should you approach and think about staffing and employment for your business?
18:50 Thoughts and tips on leadership in the current climate
21:45 Cash flow and financing; How to stay afloat: Loans? Banks?