EP 57: Optimize & Segment Your Abandon Cart Messaging For Hidden Revenue

Episode Summary:

In “Optimizing Your Abandon Cart Messaging For Additional Revenue,” we discuss the importance of segmenting what messages your customers receive during your abandonment sequences. The team shares their results of several case studies segmenting abandon cart messaging and how it can positively impact your sales numbers. There is even a bonus blue print on how you can do this in your store today.

Episode Highlights:

1:26 Why is it important to talk to different customers at different life cycle stages differently?
3:17 Splitting your abandoned cart recovery flow and why it can make such a big impact on your revenue
6:30 How and why personalization should come into play for returning customers
10:40 PRO-MOVE: Segmenting your post-purchase flows
13:01 BIG TAKEAWAY: The filter you NEED for an abandoned cart flow (more $$$)