EP 56: Instantly Increase Your Email Revenue With Christopher Maroney-Petitt


Episode Summary:

In “Instantly Increase Your Email Revenue,” we speak with Christopher Maroney-Petitt of Ecom Growers about how to maximize your email revenue through advanced segmentation. We cover how often you should be emailing, how to focus on your best segments to drive revenue, and how you should game plan for Black Friday. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.
Learn more about Ecom Growers at: www.EcomGrowers.com

Episode Highlights:

1:37: How did Chris get into e-commerce?
3:14 What’s working really well right now with email?
4:20 What Benchmarks should people be aiming for with email?
9:35 How many campaigns should you be running every month?
11:12 Pro-Wisdom: How does Chris think about segmentation?
12:57 TWO of the biggest wins for accounts that are doing well but are looking for the next step up
15:17 What are some of the best email opt-in and retention tactics?
18:28 How can you transfer people from an email list to other lists like Messenger?
23:00 What email strategy should you use if your business is more cyclical?
25:10 What’s a common mistake that companies make?

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Facebook Messenger Tool – Manychat
  2. Email Platform- Klaviyo
  3. SMS Marketing – PostScript