EP 55: How 7 and 8-Figure Brands Structure FB Ad Accounts

Episode Summary:

In “How 7 & 8-Figure Brands Structure FB Ad Accounts,” the Messenger Mastermind team dive into the prospecting and retargeting relationship, what creatives to use where, and why you should spend on your past purchasers. The team also leaves you with an actionable tactic to jump start your account today.

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Episode Highlights:

1. 1:30 At a high level, how does a 7- to 8-figure brand structure its ad account?
2. 3:58 How do you streamline and make choices about ad types and audiences?
3. 6:10 IMPORTANT: A breakdown of what a Lookalike Audience (LLA) is
4. 8:33 What is the MOST EFFECTIVE tactic for leveraging prospecting efforts?
5. 10:58 What are some ways to structure retargeting ads?
6. 13:00 How much should you expect in returns for your retargeting budget?
7. 13:48 How do returns on retargeting ad spend fluctuate throughout the year?
8. 14:42 What are some of the best strategies for retargeting ads?
9. 19:28 All about Loyalty Ads, and how to eliminate Buyer’s Remorse
10. 25:00 The best Loyalty tactics that you need to know right now