EP 54: What’s Working On Facebook Right Now With Kevin Urrutia

Episode Summary:

In “What’s Working On Facebook Right Now With Kevin Urrutia,” we speak with Kevin Urrutia Founder of Voy Media and host of the Digital Marketing Fastlane Podcast about what is working in Facebook Advertising right now. We cover some popular campaign strategies, the best creative strategies, and how to invoke a response from your potential customers. Kevin shares what his agency does day in and day out for his clients.
To learn more about our guest, visit: www.Voymedia.com

Episode Highlights:

  1. 1:20 What is Kevin’s background, and how did he get into online marketing?
  2. 4:30 Is ad targeting on Facebook even NECESSARY?
  3. 6:20 What ad strategy has worked the BEST on any account that Kevin has worked on?
  4. 9:43 How to go from selling a general product decently to a niche product extremely well
  5. 12:45 The continual battle of “the artist vs. the marketer”
  6. 15:50 Why you should call your customers for a personal touch and to learn about their experience
  7. 17:30 How “old school” is becoming “new school”
  8. 21:20 What is the biggest mistake that people make while running Facebook campaigns?
  9. 23:32 In Kevin’s mind, what is ONE piece of content that everyone should read or watch?


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Facebook Messenger Tool – ManyChat