EP 53: Why We Hate Amazon


Episode Summary:

In “Why We Hate Amazon,” the team discusses the cons and pros of Amazon. We discuss why you need to diversify your sales to not heavily depend on Amazon, the hidden costs of selling on Amazon, Shopify vs Amazon, and how you can take control and get your customers to your store and off Amazon.
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Episode Highlights:

  1. 1:40 Should a 7/8-figure business even be on Amazon right now?
  2. 3:45 Why Amazon is so appealing, but some financials to worry about (stats on stats)
  3. 6:58 Amazon IS NOT AN OWNED CHANNEL: why this is so important
  4. 9:40 PRO-TIP: Using Amazon as an acquisition channel
  5. 11:40 The perils of cheap 3rd party knockoffs of your products
  6. 13:50 The dirty little secret nobody talks about: tools that use Amazon data
  7. 18:45 TWO recommendations for a Shopify+Amazon strategy
  8. 20:40 Why Amazon probably isn’t going to protect your brand and your products
  9. 21:40 FOUR MORE recommendations for a Shopify+Amazon strategy
  10. 25:30 Pro-techniques that you miss out on by selling on Amazon