EP 52: How To Instantly Increase Engagement On Your FB Ads

Episode Summary:

In “How To Instantly Increase Engagement On Your FB Ads,” the Messenger Mastermind team discusses the newest ad placement that will allow you to increase the productivity of your FB ads.  We discuss the new interactive Poll Ad placement, how you should use it, and our best hacks for your store. Start your Facebook Poll Ads today and boost your engagement, lower your CPMs, and increase traffic to your site.

Episode Highlights:

  1. 1:35 What are Poll Ads, and why should you care about them?
  2. 5:28 (TECHNICAL, BUT WORTH IT) Getting around limits on creating an audience through Poll Ads
  3. 8:15 Why/how Poll Ads use Gamification to get people engaged earlier and easier
  4. 11:00 Pro-Wisdom: Why you should pay very close attention to when FB does something NEW with ads
  5. 14:50 What would the best possible things be for Poll Ads in the future?
  6. 18:20 Can timed questions be put into videos? Yes!


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Facebook Messenger Tool – Manychat