EP 51: Why We Are Obsessed With Personality Tests


Episode Summary:

In “Why We Are Obsessed With Personality Tests,” we discuss our latest obsession, Personality Tests. We cover one of the most popular personality tests, the Enneagram. The team discusses how we use the Enneagram test to learn about our customers, build a great team and improve ourselves. 
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Episode Highlights:

  1. 1:04 What is the Enneagram personality test, and why does it matter?
  2. 4:02 What was it like to share Enneagram results with CVG’s FB group/community?
  3. 5:40 Enneagram TEACHES you how to talk to your customers
  4. 9:25 The personality types, and what categories the MM team fall into
  5. 14:00 Understanding the categories and how they can help you develop skills
  6. 17:30 Tricks and strategies to get your customers to take test and share results
  7. 20:00 What happened when the entire CVG team took the test?
  8. 23:00 How personality tests build ideas and communication in an organization


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Enneagram Personality Test