EP 50: Optimized Mobile Shopping with Kurt Elster

Episode Summary:

In “Optimized Mobile Shopping,” we speak with Kurt Elster of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast about optimizing the mobile shopping experience for your store. We break down the importance of scanability, optimizing your Product Detail Pages, the myth of load speeds, and other conversion rate optimization tips, trips and myths. You don’t want to miss this episode.
To learn more about our guest:
Listen to his Podcast here: https://unofficialshopifypodcast.com/
His Development Agency: https://ethercycle.com/
To learn more about the Messenger Mastermind Team, visit: www.MessengerMastermind.co!

Episode Highlights:

  1. 9:27 What do merchants NEED to know about optimizing their Product Detail Pages for mobile?
  2. 12:20 The importance of of the “Thumbstopper” and using Heat Maps to improve your store
  3. 16:20 What are the biggest differences between how people shop on a desktop vs. mobile device?
  4. 19:20 How would Kurt DESTROY a company’s site and make the worst UX possible?
  5. 21:04 What are the most common mistakes/UX problems across Shopify stores?
  6. 23:17 All about the Mega Menu, and why the style is so good for a store
  7. 27:00 “App-itis:” Shopify stores having too many apps, and how that can break sites
  8. 33:58 What are the THREE data points that every merchant NEEDS TO BE tracking?
  9. 37:37 If Kurt could recommend ONE book, podcast, or piece of content, what would it be?


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Shopify Plus Experts – Ethercycle
  2. Unofficial Shopify Podcast
  3. Website heat maps – Hotjar
  4. Email Platform – Klaviyo