EP 49: Lessons From 12 Years of Messaging for Non-Profits w/ Michael Sabat

Episode Summary:

We talk to Michael Sabat of @mssg about what he’s learned from twelve years of Conversational Marketing in the non-profit space. We tackle how SMS and Messenger have been working effectively in the non-profit space, and the transferable lessons that you can take away for your eCommerce business. We also discuss the importance of messaging to get a response and how to write CTA’s that drive millions of people to action.
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Episode Highlights:

  1. 1:53 What is Michael Sabat’s background, and what has he been working on?
  2. 3:29 What is the biggest difference in SMS/Messaging between 2008 and the present?
  3. 6:53 Celebrities and SMS list building: gimmick, or amazing marketing play?
  4. 11:53 A breakdown of the best wins and tactics in the non-profit digital marketing space
  5. 14:30 What kind of messages make the biggest impact?
  6. 15:20 HUGE WIN: A text message for donation that overlaps with a donation email boosts donation rates 300%
  7. 20:20 The “Progressive Funnel:” another take on CTM Ads
  8. 25:10 The TWO BIGGEST RULES for Messenger and SMS
  9. 29:10 Why podcasts are the perfect medium for Messenger
  10. 31:25 What would Michael do using ninja tactics to ruin an opponent using SMS?


Resources Mentioned:

  1. Automated Marketing Conversations – @mssg
  2. Facebook Messenger Tool – Manychat